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Alumni Spotlight: Nick Vasallo

Nicholas Vasallo is a Dublin, CA based composer and adjunct lecturer at Cal State East Bay. Since he earned his B.A. in Music back in 2007 at CSUEB he’s accomplished quite a bit. After graduating from CSUEB, Nick earned his Doctorate of Musical Arts (DMA) in Music Composition from UC Santa Cruz. In his first year at UC Santa Cruz he was honored with the David Cope Award for Compositional Excellence and went on to win the UCSC Student Composer’s Award, San Francisco Choral Artist’s New Voices Award, Truman State University MACRO Award, International Prize for Excellence in Composition. Nick has recently released a new CD he composed entitled “MONUMENTS EMERGE” released internationally by Innova Recordings. You can check out his CD here:  http://www.innova.mu/albums/nick-vasallo/monuments-emerge. Nick’s most recent project was the formation of a technical post-death metal band called OBLIVION where he writes and does the lead vocals. Oblivion’s debut album is set to release this summer. You can check out Oblivion here: http://ObtainOblivion.com/. Even after achieving all of this, Nick passion for music drove him back to the classroom.

Nicks says:

“During my dissertation research/writing year–2010-2011, I was lucky to find adjunct professor and lecturer positions at Los Medanos College, Gavilan College, and here at CSU East Bay. I have been teaching every since and completed my doctorate in June of 2011. I absolutely love teaching and working in academia, I truly believe that teaching music is my calling.”

All of us at CSUEB are very proud of Nick for his accomplishments and giving back to Cal State East Bay by becoming a professor and  teaching  future generations of Music talent the same art he learned several years ago.


Alumni Spotlight: John G. Herndon

He is a consultant at Gas component and isotopic analysis manufacturer. John earned his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and Finance. John h…as been consulting for the past four years in various industries in positions ranging from Sr Cost Accountant to CFO and tasks ranging from US and international accounting, international tax, venture capital, corporate strategy, Finance. John serves as an Adjunct Professor for Accounting and Finance at CSUEB where he teaches both graduates and undergraduate students. He has been featured in the News numerous times in fact he was feature on CNN.
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